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Kimberly McGuire




When I graduated with a bachelor's degree in industrial design, I thought I'd be designing packaging or furniture. Instead, I landed comfortably as a graphic designer inside the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company. I started with ads and client presentations, but quickly earned the right to work on branding, exhibit design and much more. I learned an appreciation for the wonderful smells of a print shop and the complexities of professional photography. From there I found myself working in the internal ad agency of a Fortune 50 company (movin' on up!). This was an amazing and truly global opportunity. I had clients all over the world, including France, India, Australia. I became friends with developers, writers, SEO-specialists in Brazil, Slovakia and New York City. There were no boundaries and it was wonderful. During this time I expanded into digital design: web pages, mobile apps, animations, social and web advertising and more.


I really have worked the spectrum. And like so many design professionals, I still wanted more. So recently, I have gone truly analog, and focused on my passion for drawing. Oil pastels and mixed media are my favorite mediums, but I have also experimented with acrylics and watercolors, charcoal and ink. 

Always growing. Always learning. Always creative.